Artisans with passion and conviction.

We’re at home in Breitenbrunn, Austria: a little place situated between the Leithaberg hills and Lake Neusiedl. In the back of beyond yet in the heart of Pannonia. The area offers everything that’s important for us as winemakers: very old vineyards, winemaking traditions that have evolved gradually over time, cool woods and a lake that regulates the hot temperatures from the east. Pure limestone to pure slate soils and an area in between where the two soil types exist together in every imaginable combination. This gives us plenty of leeway to work with what we’ve got and make the most of it.

Martin and Adriana

We are different and that unites us.

Martin Lichtenberger

Down-to-earth winemaker

Adriana González

Passionate winemaker

Free spirits

We don’t have many wines. This is because we take our time with each and every wine we produce.
We give our wines as much time as they need to become just how nature intended them to.

Winemaking is such an ancient craft that it really doesn’t require any more innovations. All of the methods and techniques that are any good have already been invented. Many of them have been forgotten, even more have fallen into oblivion and some have been ousted due to the quest for maximum profit and the desire to appeal to the masses. Please don’t expect us to be on the same page as the rest when it comes to taste.

The opposite is the case. We tend to take the long road and make our wines slowly and patiently by hand: the way wine has always been made. Spontaneous fermentation, in wooden barrels, a long time on the lees and minimal intervention. After all, nature knows best what it needs and doesn’t require any certificates to be itself. Just like us ;-)

Straightforward and salty.

Grüner Veltliner with Welschriesling and Pinot Blanc
matured in large wooden barrels. .

Cool and delightful.

Blaufränkisch + Zweigelt matured in large wooden barrels.

Incredibly complex.

Blaufränkisch from our oldest vineyard.
Grown on calcareous sandstone.

Pure Neuburger!

Left on the skins with the stems for a short period of time and
matured in used oak. Grown on pure limestone.

Pure Blaufränkisch!

Matured slowly in used oak. Grown on limestone and slate.


Rare grape variety fermented with the skins
and the stems and matured.


Grown on limestone, the individualist from pure terroir.

Dancing with the berries!

Rosé on the rocks, the real thing.


North facing slopes, limestone and schist, immemorial field-blend.


The best way to get to know (and understand) our wines is to get to know us. In other words: we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Through phone at 0664 3426861, by mail to Lichtenberger González, Seestraße 42, 7091 Breitenbrunn or directly via Email.